Workshops by numbers

Thursday, March 17th, 2016

Years ago I read a book called ‘Men are from Venus, women are from Mars’ all about how as much as we need each other because we are so, so different. A case in point…we were finishing off the list of workshops for the coming couple of months and while I was getting all excited about the projects and our lovely participants, Mr Sassy, a former scientist, was getting excited about the numbers. We have, apparently run 62 workshops in the last 17 months, attended by 290 people, making everything from simple quilt panels to complicated skirts, shirts and dresses.

In all that time Mr Sassy reckons we’ve consumed almost 500 biscuits, 127 cakes and 64 gallons of tea. When he also added that he must have picked up at least 1000 pins off the floor when cleaning up afterwards I began to question the accuracy of his numbers.

Anyway, it keeps him quiet. The new workshop list is ready (you can find it here on the website), places are filling up and we have another hundred-weight of pins on order just in case. I wonder how much the return ticket to Venus will be?


Love vintage? You’ll love these patterns

Sunday, March 13th, 2016

If you, like us seem to be spending more and more time in vintage shops, then you, like us, probably also spend more and more time wondering how the heck all those strapping 50s housewives ever managed to get into those teeny, tiny dresses. Half my wardrobe is taken up with beautiful things that I’ll be ‘slimming into’ any day now.

Mr Sassy points out that the answer back then was probably some tortuous girdle and strong medication. He’s probably right and, even if they still sold them (the girdles that is), you’ll never get me into one.
Thankfully, we have a solution. These cool new patterns from an artisan English designer on the south coast blend vintage style with modern sizes. Sew La-di-da is a new company making some gorgeous designs and the patterns themselves are works of art. Beautifully packaged, substantially made (so they’ll last for ages) and there’s a selection of lovely garments to choose from.
We’ve just had our first batch come in along with some lovely new retro-style fabrics. I doubt they’ll be here too long. We have five different designs to choose from and each are £16.50p. Pictures of two of the designs below. Divine!



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