Needle anguish and machines shaken not stirred!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Oh for pity’s sake, not again. In the 12 months since getting my scooper-dooper computerised Brother sewing machine I must have dropped a needle into the works at least four times. When it first happened I panicked. Couldn’t see it, couldn’t get it with a magnetised pin (clever trick that, can’t remember where I got it from), couldn’t face lunch knowing it was still in there.
Mr Sassy had a simple fix…he sent me out of the room, picked up the machine and turned it upside down and shook it till the needle came out (he’s a drummer, he doesn’t know any better).
Anyway, since then I’ve always placed some fabric underneath the needle to stop it dropping in to the holes where the feed dogs sit, apart from the times when I forget. Today I did the fabric thing and then realised I’d put the wrong needle in.  I gaily unscrewed it to change it for a thinner one and dropped it before I remembered to put the fabric back. Cue a big, Sassy strop, cue also Mr Sassy and his patented upside down shake.
Anyone else have the same problem? ( the needles I mean, not the drummer thing).



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